"Catch a star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away."

Month: June, 2012


No matter what’s going on in your life, just smile. Smile and know that God is working. You might not see it but He is working. So smile and know that He ain’t forgot about you. The sun is still shining even it’s behind the cloud and you can’t see it.

[In frame: Rona Keller]

Voices of My Past

Scream my name and bring back all my pain.

Waters of truth flow through my mind.

Open your eyes, I’m not fine.

The glitter of danger has caught my eye and

the voices of my past continue to scream and cry.

Look at me, I’m fighting to be free.

Desperate and damaged, I still manage

to attempt to hurry to the light

but as always the voices of my past continue

to hold me in such a tight grasp.

Lost time, a blocked heart, secrets burning

deep inside. I’m searching, I’m running,

I’m praying for that light to remove all my strife.

But the voices of my past continue to rule my life.

A mixture of panic and faith increased day by day

from the words they say haunting me in every way.

But I know that this too will come to an end.

Maybe all I need is just a friend to help all the

voices somehow end, the numbness I feel,

I’ll feel again… The time lost… I’ll regain 10 x 10.

Instead of desperate and damaged, I’ll be centered

and whole. I’m gonna stomp forward with the voices of

my past buzzing in my ear, with sincerity in my heart.