"Catch a star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away."

Month: May, 2012

Postcard of a Lifetime

Wish you were here

riding the trolley car,

scrambling between people who don’t know who you are.

A view of Cathedral catches your eye,

and the big,  yellow sun shines bright in the sky.

As the trolley car rolls faster, you get a little scared,

and I notice your shoes, your favorite pair.

The trolley rolls faster, and you grab my hand.

All of a sudden, I begin to feel like a lucky woman.

The green trees and colorful flowers look real nice,

then the air starts to get cold like ice.

I look at the people and see the stares,

but I don’t pay attention because I don’t really care.

You tell me you never want this to end,

while I’m saying in my head, did it ever begin?

Is this real or is it just a dream?

I keep trying to figure out this weird and crazy thing.

Then when you hug me, I know it is real.

Then the cold air fell, and there was no more chill.

I see sparkling water all the way up top,

but I have to get off because I’ve come to my stop.

Another beauty from New Zealand besides Lake Tekapo :)

I hope You can read this, Daddy God..

Dear Daddy God,

I thank You

For giving me this life.

For watching over everyone, their beautiful souls.

Keep holding my hands, Daddy God.

Keep convincing me that life is wonderful.


life is simply wonderful.

Wonderful in all its intricate simplicity.


I’m happy, Daddy God.

I’m happy as long as I can still spin my body with my hands in the air,

bring my head up to the sky,

see the birds flying back to their nest,

hands running through long grasses,

run in the sugarcane fields.

The wind blows through the trees, dance to its rhythm,

and the sun..

Yes, the sun lining everything with golden light.

I feel the serenity,

golden on my skin.


I love You, Daddy God.